Pocket Express - Blackberry

Pocket Express - Blackberry 4.25

Comprehensive information manager for Blackberry


  • Provides fast access to news and information
  • 24-hour tech support
  • Movie show times
  • Powerful flight searcher


  • Very U.S-centric
  • Only a brief resume of the full World news


Personally, I tend not to browse the Web too much on my mobile. I find it takes a bit too long to check all the various news sites and information services on the device - time which I don't normally have when I'm on the move.

As a result, I was very interested to try out Pocket Express, an app which assimilates all the latest news and information in one place. All of the information is available easily through the program's ultra-simple main menu. You simply click on one of the nine icons to take you directly to that kind of information (News, Sports, Weather, Finance, Entertainment, Movies, Travel, Horoscopes and access to 24-hour tech support).

The 'News' section in Pocket Express is very well presented, offering you a rundown of the top ten stories, each with a headline and a thumbnail image. You just click on one of these headlines to open it up and read it. You can change the category of news using the icons at the bottom of the menu. The only thing is, the news is very U.S-centric, which might annoy you if you don't live there (there is a World News section, though). It's also worth bearing in mind that most of the stories come via the Associated Press. Although this is a very credible news organization, it by no means presents the whole picture in terms of current World events.

Besides its news section, Pocket Express has some other very useful functions, which are again available with just a single click from the main menu. For instance, you can check the weather in your current location or anywhere else in the world, view the hottest stocks through the 'Finance' section, and even see show times at your local cinema. I particularly like the 'Travel' feature, where you can view routes and schedules for flights across the globe.

One of the few criticisms I have about Pocket Express is that it has a heavy focus on America - not just in its news and sports coverage but also in the fact that some features, such as the movie show times will not work outside the USA.

On the whole though, Pocket Express presents an exceptionally quick and easy way of filling yourself in on the events of the day.

Pocket Express - Blackberry


Pocket Express - Blackberry 4.25

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